We_Are_Ok_ We_Are_Not_Ok

BUKA BUKU The GoDown Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 2021

We_Are_Ok_And_Not_Ok is an unconstrained dialogue between 2 women of 2 cultures.

We_Are_Ok_And_Not_Ok is where the language of virtual space sophistically offers the freedom to explore and express.

We_Are_Ok_And_Not_Ok is the merging of 2 worlds where truth and shadows play out across the ether.

The dialogue between Sue Williams and Xia Yi was initiated by curiosity, two women from different cultures and of different generations. Working through a ‘chat room’ environment their contrasting worlds were explored through text and image discussing misogyny, sexism, femininity, gender issues, climate change, ageism, equality, and equity. Both women had been dealing with the pandemic, loss and isolation. This spontaneous and ephemeral dialogue existed for two months with layers of image, text, video and voice messages, allowing the rhythm of the text to became either dysfunctional or misplaced, due to time differences. Working on social media enabled the conversation to be organic in texture, allowing for human inaccuracies and dysfunction. The two worlds clashed with poignancy when choral music in the Cathedral in Chichester simultaneously existed at the same time as a students revolt against the government in Kuala Lumpur. The collaborative work was transcribed within a website and existed as a projection within a physical gallery .

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